The UK AI community connects AI researchers from across the country, our mission is to create a hub where researchers and practitioners can come together, share insights, and build academic relationships. By providing such a platform, we can advance together the use of cutting-edge AI technologies for social good.

The community is focused on several research around AI and ML and their applications. These include but are not limited to: Core ML, Ethics and Trusthworthy AI, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Robotics, Science, Healthcare, Smart Cities, and Digital Twins.

Our vision at UK-AI is to become a world-leading AI hub, focusing on collaborations and innovations. We will organise and host events with accessibility at its core to bring together AI researchers and enthusiasts. With our events, we will develop a community working on AI in diverse areas, as well as its safety, responsibility, and trustworthiness, and thus advance AI on a national and global scale.

The following tenets drive the UK AI community:

Collaborations are key: AI research and UK AI will advance more if the different actors work together.

We care about values: UK AI encourages transparency, democracy, frankness, integrity, mutual support and understanding.

No single perspective: As an interdisciplinary community, we balance the trade-off between technical AI research and AI applications when looking to the future.

Open-minded scepticism: We always give new developments a chance while being scientifically critical of their implications.

Clear public engagement: Our message to the public should be direct, unambiguous and understandable.